It is Andras Torkos L3 IRATA supervisor the Managing Director of Repair Abseiling Ltd.  This company offers the most comprehensive rope access construction services in London, Greater London. My responsibility is to organise all parts of these projects from the first site visit, set the successful quotation based on the survey, preparation and lead the perfect execution. I work together and lead this construction specialised company with my son, Thomas, who is a Level 3 IRATA supervisor too. He has to organise all practical details on site from the office work to the safe working method. We carried out a lot of remarkable rope access projects throughout London. Our rope access assistance is essential on a lot of cladding installation and curtain wall installation projects where we have to facilitate all building process externally. Installing brackets, set and align curtain wall units, fix cladding parts and gaskets. Sometimes, when the actual work area has no access to the original builders and/or supervisors we have to organise and lead lifting operation and entire curtain wall or cladding installation projects. These projects often contain glazing and glass installation works what requires special skills too. Sometimes just to fix the external parts of the balustrade glass panels, sometimes lifting and install heavy weight glass units to the roof or the elevations. In these cases not only the installation, but the waterproofing is same important to carry out by us what usually can be sorted out with task specific mastic or silicone sealant. Our extensive experience in the mastic and silicone application industry helps us to complete these delicate installation projects. This special skills and comprehensive experience in the curtain walling, cladding and mastic application industry helps us to identify and repair any leaking and water ingress issues. Leak detection and repair is our general service what we have to practice on a daily bases on any newly built or older residential or commercial buildings too. In cases of any newly built curtain walled buildings where the glass and cladding surface joint is getting faulty the leak repair can be sorted out with some adequate mastic or EPDM membrane, but leaking issue can be experienced in relating some roof issue. Usually it is not a serious problem, but some relocated roof slates, roof tiles or faulty overlap of the flat roof system can cause serious leaking issue. Repair Abseiling roofing and roof repair services provides the most (cost) effective way for these issues. The access is a crucial point in these roof repair projects. In generally the simplest roofing project what takes few minutes only can be really complicated and a real headache because of the access only. Rope access is the most reasonable solution for these types of delicate projects. Another leaking issue can arise from a faulty rainwater gutter and drainage system. The gutter system on any buildings requires particular attention, periodic gutter maintenance and gutter repair (in necessity) to avoid further serious leaking issues. The not, or not adequately managed rainwater can cause many other further issues what’s causing damping wall, cracked and damaged brickwork and pointing problems. In these projects, over the water ingress elimination and repair the source of the leaking issue the damaged brickwork and pointing has to be repaired too. The brickwork and pointing can suffer serious damages cased by the unwanted rainwater. The brick and mortar pointing can suck up and hold a lot of water what maybe invisible from externally, but can show a really awful view internally on the internal paintwork.

To eliminate the internal damping issue has to be start with the actual leak repair, external brickwork repair and pointing repair

Our aim is to provide the most special services for the most reasonable price in this industry.

The not, or not adequately managed rainwater can cause many other further issues 

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