Mastic application is one of the most delicate finishing in any building projects even if it has to carry out via rope access. Repair Abseiling carries out any rope access mastic installation projects via rope access. As the mastic application is part of the brickwork (movement joints as mastic flexible pointing) and glazing or cladding and curtain walling projects this working method becomes one of our speciality. Carry out any mastic application even via rope access requires really special skills and ability. The mastic joint has to provides not only a perfect waterproofing, but the acceptable view what is significant point of any building projects. Mastic application is a really complex part of the waterproofing and finishing industry what requires comprehensive knowledge about the surfaces, building materials (stone, brick, glass, metal, UPVC, plastic …etc) and a hundreds types of task specific  appropriate mastic and/or silicone sealants. Far over on this theoretical knowledge the practical experience is same or more important part of these projects. The perfect and good looking practical mastic application depends on the thoroughness, ability and the time what’s been spent with practice. Our mastic application reputation built on our experience, practical and theoretical knowledge what’s been polished many years in this industry. Mastic waterproofing is coming up when leak detection and repair required as a part of general maintenance. Sometimes when water ingress experienced in certain internal areas of the building then the main project is identifying the source of the issue. The most common issue is the faulty mastic or EPDM membrane system, but some roofing and guttering projects are unimaginable too without mastic sealing and waterproofing where the joints are must be watertight. Repair Abseiling‘s abseilers completes many sash window and building painting projects every years where the joints of the windows have to be sealed around with adequate mastic too. Some special, newly developed weatherproof mastic can be painted over what makes these painting projects much easier. All mastic application process leave some mastic residue or soapy water on the surfaces what requires extra attention mainly on the glass surfaces, where the window cleaning  has to be inevitable part of the project.

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