Brickwork is really popular as main building solution and as cladding too. Brick cladding system requires special new building and support techniques what has to be fixed to the main concrete structure. This metal support system holds each individual section of the brick walls. On this way all section is a separated structure what’s been linked by the movement joins. All movement joints filled up with the adequate (quality and colour) mastic sealant. Sometimes during the building procedure some brick and/or pointing is missed or damaged and when the scaffolding is gone, Repair Abseiling professional abseilers has to complete these delicate projects. At Rifle Street, London, Bellway construction site the badly fixed banner advertisement damaged the brick structure on many spots what required our assistance. However Repair Abseiling has to replace many air-bricks, lose brickwork and old, cracked, worn pointing throughout London on a lot of traditional buildings.

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