curtain walling

Repair Abseiling professional abseiler team carry out any curtain walling, installation and repair in London, Greater London. Cladding installation, glazing and glass panel installation is basic part of any curtain wall installation project. Sometimes we have to start from the beginning with bracket installation what has to be fixed properly into the concrete structure as the main holding part of the system. When the panels are lifted up by the crane the fixing or the suction device must hold the panel properly. Some glass panels have to lift with glazing suction device what requires a thorough window cleaning for the best adhesion. If the actual panel placed on the gaskets and joints must be watertight. In some cases (mainly the toggled systems) all joints have to be sealed around with the adequate mastic. Mastic application is a complicated working method even via rope access. When water test is coming up as the main leak detection method on all newly built building which covered by any cladding or curtain wall system the mastic application gets the ultimate test ever. If some leak detected then the mastic joint has to be repaired. These mastic joints do not require any maintenance for 10 – 15 years at least. However one of our regular maintenance project at Bridge Academy, Hackney has a lot of mastic joint leaking issues.

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