leak detection

Repair Abseiling Ltd completes a lot of leak detection and repair projects throughout London, Greater London. The water ingress can occurred on various parts of the building what can cause a lot of issues in the building structures and the internal (e.g. painted what requires a complicated internal painting, re-decorating project) surfaces. The most common leaking issue is the faulty roof. Our roofing and roof repair services inspect and eliminate any roof issues. Sometimes the blocked gutter or down pipe system is the main reason of the leaking issue what can be appear on the brickwork or other concrete wall surfaces and structures. The regular gutter maintenance could be the best precaution against these guttering issues what can cause a serious damages in the external wall (pointing, brickwork, rendering, painting, window sills… etc) structures.  The other common leaking issue occur on any glazing, cladding, curtain wall structures where the joints of the built in materials linked together with appropriate mastic sealing. The process of the mastic application and keep all instruction of the manufacturer is essential to produce watertight mastic sealing. Sometimes a small water ingress issue revealed when window cleaning comes up and the brilliant clear view makes it visible. In these cases report being set about these issues

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