As the Managing Director of Repair Abseiling Ltd. I and my rope access team took part on many construction cladding installation project in London. We installed a lot of unreachable glass panels as a part of the main curtain wall installation project on many famous landmarks of London. The “cladding” system dedicated to cover any building what designed with this new building techniques. The materials of the cladding system can be various from aluminium panels to stone, terracotta (porcelain), or even brick. On some of our special rope access cladding installation project have been carried out GRC (glass-fibre reinforced concrete) cladding installation  where certain parts of the visible building surfaces have made from this new building material. This material makes possible to pre-cast almost any shapes, surface structures and colours even statues. Some cladding shows a proper  brickwork (however it is just a cladding) what require professional tradesman to build, carry out its pointing, sometimes tinting (painting) and its necessary maintenance works.  All newly built curtain wall designed cladding covered building have to be assessed on a water test which is a leak detection literally. This process has to be carried out on a certain percentage of the building surface, mainly at the joints of the cladding and glass or fenestration’s perimeters. In case of the system is failed somewhere then all waterproofing (EPDM and mastic joins) have to be inspected and repaired. Repair Abseiling professional abseilers have extensive experience to carry out any repair on the failed EPDM or other type of waterproof system. As these surfaces and joints of the cladding system unreachable after that the scaffolding is gone, our role is to complete any missing mastic joint or repair all faulty parts of the cladding and curtain wall system. Sometimes the cladding of the building gives a perfect surface to advertise the benefits of the purchase options of the building on a vinyl banner what has to be installed by Repair Abseiling abseilers usually.

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